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Project Description
Creates bulk upload command file to help bulk upload RDL report files for TFS server which configured reporting with SSRS already.

The bulk upload command file created by this tool uses TFS power tool to upload the RDL reports for existing projects from the process template file manually dropped in the same working folder.

It is important to understand:
  • The installation of 'Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools' is required in order to successfully execute the bulk upload command file.
  • The bulk upload command operates on best effort basis, and will overwrite any report and Reporting Data source customizations. Be sure to make a backup if you have any customizations.
  • The bulk upload command does not recognize projects upgraded from TFS 2010, because they do not have necessary metadata.
  • It is required to manually drop the process template file at the same location as bulk upload command. The template needs to be renamed to the same template name used by target project and include the latest or desired RDL reports. The bulk upload command will only upload the RDL reports.
  • The bulk upload command will still work without the process template file exists in the same location. In this case, it will only refresh the RDL reports with the same version that currently exists in the process template used by the project.

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